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E42 3-in-1 Sound System, Lamp & Wireless Charging Station

E42 3-in-1 Sound System, Lamp & Wireless Charging Station

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Wireless Beats on Demand: Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker
Immerse yourself in clear, crisp audio wherever you go.

Up to 15W Fast Charging: Supercharge Your Devices
Experience rapid power delivery when plugged in.

MagSafe Enabled Precision: Tailored Charging for Your iPhone
Efficient, magnetic connections for a seamless charging experience.

2-in-1 Power Source: 1800 mAh Power Bank for iPhone and AirPods
Whether it's a plug-in boost or power on the move, stay charged.

Simplify Your Charging: One Cable for Multiple Apple Devices
Reduce clutter and elevate efficiency in your daily routine.

Sleek, Aesthetic, and Designed for the Traveler in You
Compact and stylish, it's your perfect travel companion.

Illuminate Your Space: Built-in Ambient Lamp
Brighten your surroundings with its integrated lighting feature, enhancing ambiance wherever you are.

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