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Y6 Magnetic Mount

Y6 Magnetic Mount

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Introducing our sleek and versatile laptop screen phone mount—a stylish solution to keep your device within easy reach while maximising your workspace. This innovative mount effortlessly attaches to the rear of your laptop screen, providing a secure and unobtrusive way to keep your phone accessible. Available in four contemporary colors (black, grey, white, and navy blue), our mount seamlessly complements your laptop's aesthetic.

For the tech-savvy user, we offer a premium version with built-in wireless charging functionality. Say goodbye to tangled cords and keep your phone powered up effortlessly while you work. This mount is not just a functional accessory; it's a statement of efficiency and modern design, enhancing both your productivity and workspace aesthetics. Choose the colour that suits your style and enjoy the convenience of a seamlessly integrated phone mount for your laptop.

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